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Cobra HS entry level gaming headset

The Cobra headset, the advanced-level gaming headset, is tailor made for professional gamers. To be unrivalled is your dream,we are here to produce the high quality product to realize your dream of being outstanding.

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Cobra II advance gaming keyboard

Cobra II is an advanced model of gaming keyboard with extra-ordinary cool outlook and exquisite handicraft. The backlighting keyboard is in streamlined design with a broad base. Apart from that, user can adjust the speed of input to suit their need. It is a versatile keyboard and it is tailor made for professional gamers.

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Mazer type-x professional gaming keyboard

The gaming keyboard is designed for professional gamers. Blue illumination is released from the multi-media function keys at both ends. Users can exercise easy manipulation even in the dark. And the convertible color keys are tailor made for users to change the keys to suit their needs.

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Mazer type–r professional gaming mouse

The mouse is modeled from the shape of "aircraft wings". The left part of the mouse is protruding while the lineament on the right hand side is extended outward. The structure of the mouse reflects the intrinsic of the flying aircraft. Like an aircraft, you can exercise swift control by using the mouse in the gaming world.

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Cobra professional gaming mouse

Cobra , the highest cost-efficient gaming mouse ever . As a gaming oriented device, Cobra has pay more attention to the gaming related functions...

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