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Blast – Bandai Namco flashback with 8 built-in games

Have a Blast! with the greatest Atari 2600 games from Activision. Go adventuring with Pitfall Harry in Pitfall!. Throw on a helicopter backpack and rescue trapped miners in H.E.R.O.. Help Officer Keystone Kelly catch Harry Hooligan in a mad-cap dash through a mall in Keystone Kapers. Go crazy blasting hamburgers, radial tires, and other insane enemies in Megamania. And that's just the beginning.

From sports, to racing, to platforming, it's all here in this amazing collection jammed into one tiny package!

New Features

  1. 1. DIG DUG
  2. 2. GALAGA™
  3. 3. GALAXIAN
  4. 4. MAPPY™
  1. 5. PAC-MAN™
  2. 6. SKY KID™
  4. 8. XEVIOUS™