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Blast – Legends flashback with 12 built-in games

Have a Blast! with one of the biggest arcade games of all-time, Space Invaders. Use your laser cannon to defeat wave-after-wave of alien monsters in this colorful adaptation of the mega-hit. And if that's not enough, there's also an additional collection of other classics featuring some of the greatest action, sports, platforming, shooting, and maze gaming ever created.

It's the best of classic arcade and home gaming in one tiny package!

New Features

  1. 1. BurgerTime™
  2. 2. Burnin’ Rubber™
  3. 3. Escape It!
  4. 4. Front Line™
  5. 5. Jungle Hunt™
  6. 6. Lock ’n Chase™
  1. 7. Miss It!
  2. 8. Polaris™
  3. 9. Shield Shifter
  4. 10. Space Invaders™
  5. 11. Space Raid
  6. 12. Strip Off