Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Straightforward and high-performing solution optimized for business and learning environments to run Windows applications on a Mac.

  • Increased productivity: Windows and Mac applications run side by side
  • Accelerated IT testing & development: Work across multiple OSes in a virtual machine for Mac
  • Centralized administration & advanced security features: Small and large deployment support
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Superior User Experience

Mac users won’t have to miss out on any Windows applications.

Productivity Perfected

Use your macOS and Windows OS, side-by-side, without ever having to pause productivity to reboot or to connect to a server. Share files and folders seamlessly between applications with easy drag and drop or copy and paste functionality. Leverage macOS QuickLook to quickly preview most file types from within File Explorer and tap into Dictionary to look up words or add words fast.

Get to Work, Fast

Run graphic-heavy and resource-hungry Windows applications seamlessly without slowing down your Mac.

Enhanced User Experience

Access business critical applications on Mac devices instantly

Preferred Appearance

Use Coherence Mode to hide Windows while using Windows applications and toggle between Mac and Windows with a single click or swipe. Or, if you’re comfortable with the PC aesthetic, set Windows to occupy your entire screen to emulate the experience you’re accustomed to.

Operational Efficiency

Plug external USB devices (including smart cards and other Windows-only compatible devices) into your Mac and use them in Windows. Better yet, print Windows files using printers already configured for your Mac.

Complete Compatibility

Run business-critical applications without trade-offs—Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Quicken and QuickBooks for Windows, Internet Explorer, SAP products, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Autodesk products and more!

Leading Admin Capabilities

Streamline workflows and reduce IT overheads

Mass Deployment in Minutes

Deploy hundreds of installations in no time with Parallels Mac Management, JAMF Pro and other solutions. Tune Parallels Desktop settings, add Windows applications to the dock and enable Single Application Mode—all with the Auto Deploy Package.

Easy Administration

Use a single volume license key for all installations. Tap into insightful usage statistics and real-time licensing activities, and manage all deployed licenses with ease. Enable automatic upgrades to sync with version and feature releases, or disable automatic upgrades and create an on-site update server. You decide!

Swift and Secure Setup

Enroll new users in just a few clicks through automatically generated emails, each accompanied by a Parallels Desktop download link. All installations activate automatically. Enable Users to Download a Corporate Windows VM via a simple link to download a Windows image in the Parallels My Account portal. Parallels Desktop users across your organization can then get required Windows applications with ease.

Intuitive Admin Capabilities

Built Around Security and Compliance

Secure User & Device Access

Join Mac-based Windows instances to Active Directory as if they were regular Windows PCs. Enforce policies when USB sticks, smart cards and other external devices are plugged into Mac and used in Windows.

Data Protection in Windows

Provide an additional layer of security by encrypting and password-protecting Windows virtual machines—even isolate Windows from Mac if required.

Virtual Machine Expiries

Create time-bound, encrypted virtual machines that automatically expire and lock at a predefined time. Apply additional security when corporate data is shared.

Deliver the Most Seamless Solution Between Mac and Windows

By simultaneously leveraging Mac and Windows capabilities on a single computer, you save money, desktop resources, streamline workflows and reduce the support burden on your IT department. And, that’s not all.

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Seamlessly run Windows side by side on the Mac, and toggle between Mac and Windows with a single click or swipe.
  • Plug external USB devices (including smart cards and other Windows-only compatible devices) into Mac and use them in Windows.
  • While in Windows, print files using printers already configured for your Mac.
  • Use Windows like it’s a macOS application. Unlike other virtualization solutions, Parallels Desktop doesn’t require rebooting or a connection to a server in order to launch Windows on Mac. It’s seamless.

Bring on Windows and Open a New Door to Productivity.