Signature Pen Display – DTU-1031AX

The compact, versatile option for enabling efficient e-document workflows.


DTU-1031AX Overview

The DTU-1031AX Pen Display is our most economical device for viewing, annotating and signing full size documents electronically. It’s ideal for organizations that need a compact device to let customers read and sign documents on screen.

The DTU 1031AX is easy to integrate into kiosk or POS environments with minimal effort and clutter. It’s also comfortable and intuitive for people to use in hand, or lying flat on a counter.

In addition, when not in document mode, the DTU-1031AX can display slideshows or advertising videos. This helps organizations run promotions and up-sell with minimum effort and cost.

Key Features & Benefits

Optimal comfort

Easy document viewing and signing via the 10.1” color LCD panel

Secure transactions

Transaction security with state-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption

Flexible convenience

New improved cable cover system and bi-directional pen tray