STEELPLAY – 4K 2.0 HDMI High Speed Ultra HD LED Cable for XBOX ONE (JVAXONE0038)

Steelplay’s 4K 2.0 HDMI Cable is compatible with Xbox™ One and Xbox™ 360 consoles, computers and other HDMI devices such Blu-Ray and DVD players, etc.



  • Compatible with Xbox™ One and Xbox™ 360 consoles
  • Gold plated connectors for a better audio and video quality
  • HDMI High Speed Cable 2.0 with Ethernet
  • Allows High Dynamic Range video transmission
  • Connectors with LED backlight
  • Support Ultra HD, 3D, 4K and HDMI 2.0
  • Length : 2 meters


Key Strengths

  • Quick transfer
  • Audio/video quality

Additional information