VICTRIX PRO BFG Wireless Controller | Professional controller for PS5, PS4, and PC | WHITE | 052-002-WH

Built for gaming. Built for gold. Built for greatness. No matter what the “BFG” in Pro BFG stands for, this modular controller was built to win: Win everyday matches or win esports competitions. Engineered to fit your play style and packed with tons of customizable options, the Pro BFG Wireless Controller is the new standard in PlayStation and PC gaming.



Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller: Performance without Compromise.

Advanced, professional controller for PS5™, PS4™, and PC with seamless wireless or wired connectivity, long-lasting battery life and a full arsenal of customizable options.


Check out the new Victrix Control Hub App update for the Pro BFG!

Ultimate Customization: Program back buttons, re-map face buttons, adjust trigger dead zones, and more!

Calibration: Recalibrate analog sticks regularly to maintain precision, remedy stick drift, and adjust dead zones.

Diagnostics: Ensure your Pro BFG is running in optimal condition by testing each module, buttons, sticks, and triggers.

Premium Audio: Select between 3 EQ presets, adjust volume output, and mic monitoring levels for complete immersion.

Firmware Update: Periodic firmware updates bring improvements including extended battery life, improved wireless connectivity, and other competitive enhancements.

Wireless & Wired Compatibility

Customizable Options

PlayStation Official Licensed Product


Engineered to fit your play style and packed with tons of customizable options, the Pro BFG Wireless Controller is the new standard in PlayStation and PC gaming.



Create the ultimate controller for any game using the swappable modules and interchangeable pieces. Includes a reversible left module, standard right module, 6-button fight pad module, 4 interchangeable sticks, 3 different D-pads, and 4 gates.


Map functions to any of the four mappable back buttons to take down ops quickly and efficiently. Use the Profile Button to create three unique button mapping profiles to maximize your efficiency in any game.



Hear your enemies before you see them with Sony 3D audio on PS5™. Plus, low latency audio and different EQ profiles to choose from give you the advantage over the competition.


Play wirelessly on either a PS5 or PS4 console, or PC, using the included USB dongle and Mode Switch. For tournament play, and even faster inputs, use the included 3m braided USB-C cable.



Customize your controller to fit your play style even more using the free Victrix Control Hub app on PC. Map buttons, recalibrate sticks and triggers, adjust deadzones and EQ settings, run diagnostics, update firmware, and more.

Technical Specifications

  • Processor: 500 MHz Dual-core ARM-7 Victrix proprietary MCU, firmware upgradeable
  • Compatibility: Playstation 5, Playstation 4, and PC (X-Input compatible)
  • Connectivity: Wireless (USB-A mini dongle) or Wired (USB type A to type C cable), switch selectable
  • RF Wireless Transceiver: 2.4 GHz Dual-core Victrix proprietary SOIC
  • Input Latency: 5ms
  • Buttons: High response elastomer membrane (standard module), Low damped microswitch (FG module)
  • Touchpad: Playstation 5 standard
  • PCB: Victrix Custom
  • Audio Support: 3.5mm 4-pole Headset Jack, PS5 console compatible 3D Audio
  • Battery: 2000mAh (upto 20 hour life, depending on usage profile)
  • App Support: Customization, button mapping, calibration, diagnostics and firmware updates
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Interchangeable Control modules: Standard action button layout and 6-button fight pad layout
  • Left Analog stick module: Playstation 5 layout or D-pad offset, rotatable
  • Controller Body Material: High Rigidity, High Flexural Strength ABS thermoplastic polymer
  • Controller Body Material: High Rigidity, High Flexural Strength ABS thermoplastic polymer
  • Weight (controller): 298 gms (10.5 Oz)
  • Clutch Triggers™: Adjustable, with Hair Trigger mode (patented)
  • Dimensions: 16 cm X 10.5 cm X 6 cm (controller)

Product Guide

Download Product Guide

What’s Included

  • Pro BFG Wireless Controller
  • D-Pad & Left Analog Stick Module
  • Button & Right Analog Stick Module
  • 2 Standard Height Concave Stick Caps
  • 2 Standard Round Stick Gates
  • 1 Standard Cross D-Pad Cap
  • USB Wireless Dongle
  • 3m Braided USB-C Cable
  • 6-Button Fight Pad Module
  • 1 Tall Sniper Stick™ Cap
  • 1 Short Convex Stick Cap
  • 2 Octagonal Stick Gates
  • 1 Diamond D-Pad Cap
  • 1 Round D-Pad Cap
  • Module Swap Tool

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Compatible with

Playstation 5.
Playstation 4.
Windows PC

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