WinZip Enterprise

Simplified file encryption. Everywhere your files are.

Industry-leading data cryptography, management, sharing, and compression in one powerful, customizable solution.


Protect your IP from threats. Empower your teams for success.

Safeguarding corporate information is becoming more challenging – and more critical – every day. WinZip Enterprise gives you complete information security while enabling the productivity and collaboration that fuel business growth. Team members can safely store, manage, and share files within a single application. And IT can uphold the protocols and standards that keep data and systems safe.

Customize access

Control & standardize information flow

Zip assets seamlessly

Store, send, receive & open with ease

Collaborate securely

Safely share & manage across platforms

Protect IP completely

Unsurpassed FIPS 140-2 compliant, FIPS 197 certified encryption

Ensure compliance

Cover requirements with powerful IT controls

Security, productivity, and support in one complete solution.Because peace of mind shouldn’t require compromises.

Lock down your files like a pro

Unsurpassed bank & military-grade AES encryption compliant with all major standards, including FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197 and trusted for DFARS, ensures ironclad file protection in transit and at rest.

  • Respects internal security controls set using Windows information Protection (WIP)
  • Leverages FIPS-enabled computers and uses Windows functions as part of the compliance process

Enable faster, better workflows

Industry-leading compression technology, streamlined file sharing, and integrated capabilities shrink lag time and remove friction points, freeing team members to focus on output and quality.

  • Zip, encrypt, and send virtually any size file in seconds
  • Safely share from anywhere, to anywhere: just select a file and destination, WinZip does the rest
  • Convert files to PDF, add watermarks, work with images and more without ever leaving the app

Customize & scale to fit your business

Whether you’re a sprawling global enterprise or a small local team, WinZip Enterprise gives you the tools, flexibility, and licensing options to secure your data, support your teams, and meet business objectives on your terms.

  • Customize your installation package to enable & show only the features you want
  • Control encryption methods, password policy, and use of FIPS 140-2 compliant services
  • Enterprise-exclusive features including SharePoint integration, enterprise-grade cloud storage integration, support for virtual drive files and more

Trusted by government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and 100,000+ businesses worldwide.

Financial Services

Best-in-class encryption and compliance
The strongest layer of FIPS 140-2 level encryption defends data against would-be attackers and allows centralized control within the enterprise to ensure data protection at all levels.


Defense, Government & Military

Simplified administration and data defense
Protect top classified information in transit with next-generation administrative controls and tools, while enabling departments and contractors to meet their obligations on time and on-budget.


Solid protection for sensitive information
Ensure you’re meeting all federal government requirements for data protection and encryption, while enjoying the flexibility to serve patients efficiently and safely.


Flexible encryption for private data
Encrypt any kind of data, PII or PHI, whether you’re a business user or IT admin. Enforceable enterprise-wide standards ensure private client data remains that way without disrupting operations.

A complete set of enterprise-grade tools to secure and manage files

Full solution customization

Your installation configured your way

  • Remove unwanted features
  • Control access to cloud services and social media
  • Set and enforce password policies and encryption standards for all users
  • Teams Channel Cloud Service Support & advanced tool scheduling options

Military-grade encryption

Unsurpassed protection everywhere data resides

  • Protect sensitive data in transit and at rest with FIPS 140-2 encryption including
  • FIPS 140-2 validated encryption compliance (trusted for DFAR) and FIPS 197
  • Recover lost passwords and files generated by former employees
  • Extend corporate file protection and prevent data loss with WIP support

Automated computer maintenance

Set and forget business-critical background tasks

  • Secure backup locally or to the cloud with 128 & 256-bit AES encryption
  • Clean Temporary, Recycle Bin, Quick Access, Download and other folders
  • Find and flag duplicate files to save storage space and improve hardware performance

Native integration with leading enterprise-grade cloud storage providers

Manage, encrypt, zip, and securely share files across multiple storage providers, creating unique expiration-enabled links. All directly from WinZip Enterprise.

Supported Services:

  • One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • SharePoint
  • Box
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Amazon S3

Enterprise Cloud Storage:

  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob
  • CenturyLink
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Office365 Business
  • OpenStack Cloud
  • OVH Cloud
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • S3Compatible
  • SharePoint
  • SwiftStack
  • Wasabi
  • WebDAV

Instant Message Platforms:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Hangouts
  • Jabber
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Slack (enterprise only)
  • Twitter

Other Cloud Storage Services:

  • ZipShare™
  • Box
  • CloudMe
  • FTP
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • MediaFire
  • OneDrive
  • SugarSync

WinZip Enterprise Full Features

Drive business forward faster with the latest tools & technologies


NEW Microsoft Teams SharePoint Support
Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Teams SharePoint enables fast and secure encrypted file sharing plus the ability to time bomb files shared via Teams Chat or Channels.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Storage
Direct integration with enterprise-grade cloud providers offers secure file management on any cloud storage provider, including Amazon S3, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Cloud and many others.

Installation Package Customization
Fully customizable installation package allows IT admins to deploy only company-approved features, remove unnecessary or prohibited integrations and features, and enforce password policies and enterprise-wide encryption recovery private keys.


  • NEW! Update contents of a Zip file to match the source
  • Drag and Drop ‘Add to Zip’ in WinZip’s Files Pane.
  • Direct Access Technology for faster display and unzipping.
  • Perform File Conversions before Zipping.
  • Easily remove personal data (EXIF) from various files so that when they are shared, your information is not included
  • Quickly recover encrypted files left by past employees or during forensic audits.
  • Easily encrypt an existing Zip file with a click of a button on the Tools ribbon
  • Update a Zip file, which contains encrypted files, with an automatically-encrypted replacement
  • Encrypted files within a Zip file cannot be deleted without knowing the password
  • Apply encryption and conversion options, including PDF conversion, watermarking and photo resizing, before, during or after creating your zip
  • Apply separate conversion options to individual files in your zip
  • Take advantage of hardware support in certain Intel-based computers for even faster AES encryption
  • Check ‘Encrypt’ to password protect your files using banking-level encryption and keep them completely secure
  • Secure sensitive data with strong, FIPS-197 certified AES encryption (128- and 256-bit)
  • FIPS 140-2 encryption, both at rest and during exchange on a properly configured computer. Set to FIPS 140-2 compliance, even if Windows OS is not in FIPS 140-2 mode.
  • Auto-wipe (‘shred’) temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files using the U.S. Department of Defense standard (DoD 5220.22-M) to prevent misuse
  • Establish your own password policy by defining complexity requirements
  • Encrypt and decrypt confidential files and email attachments


  • NEW! Access and edit files shared with you by others
  • NEW! Easy access to Background Tools
  • NEW! Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams
  • NEW! Organize your photos in the cloud
  • Find files faster with the built-in search feature.
  • Pin and access favorite files in the Quick Access section of the Files Pane.
  • Perform shell extension operations without leaving the WinZip Files Pane.
  • Use built-in cleaning tools to de-clutter your folders.
  • Create and manage WinZip Jobs directly from the Explorer Context menu.
  • Set specific files to be “ignored” during routine cleaning scans.
  • Create, configure, manage, schedule and run custom cleaning tools.
  • Use admin controls to set user permissions for Background Tools.
  • Set Expiration Dates for Files and Folders
  • Option to view password entry
  • View Date taken and Date Modified
  • Rename multiple files at once
  • Slide to Hide Files and Action Panes
  • Set Expiration Dates for Zip files and Log files
  • Expand the Preview Pane
  • Support Amazon S3/AWS regions
  • Schedule File and Folder Clean Up using Background Tools
  • Manage Files with WinZip’s built-in File Management
  • Quickly and easily reduce image file size by converting images from one format to another
  • Use WinZip Express to easily place a cloud link for any file onto the clipboard where it may be pasted into other apps for sharing
  • Manage your WinZip contact list; choose to not add one-time recipients and manually entered contacts
  • Buttons for disabled features are hidden avoiding confusion.
  • Use the Classic interface – which hides the Files and Actions panes – allowing you to focus only on compression functionality.
  • Add or move files from Explorer into a Zip file more easily with a new Move button alongside the Add button
  • Open, view and manage different folders at the same time using the Files Pane Tabs instead of using multiple Windows Explorer windows
  • Navigate through various folders using the Folder Trees option in the Files Pane
  • Expand or revert the Files Pane by swiping
  • Add a Network location from another domain
  • Click the Image Information button in the Preview Pane to review image details, including dimensions, file size, pixels and more
  • Quickly access your frequently used local, network, and cloud folders in Frequent Folders
  • Create folders on your PC, network or cloud service from WinZip
  • Securely delete files and folders with the new Wipe feature
  • Restore accidentally deleted, copied, moved or renamed files
  • Open a file from the cloud in the correct application, or in an alternate application
  • Open and edit a file in the default application or an alternate one
  • View property info for files and folders
  • Map a folder or network location to a drive
  • Copy, move, delete and multi-file rename files
  • Copy a path to the clipboard
  • Copy a cloud link to the clipboard
  • View thumbnail previews of a selected file, whether it is in your zip, on your PC, network or cloud service (if the cloud service supports thumbnails)
  • Preview the contents of images and documents, rotate and resize images, save an image as a background and share previewed files by email, IM or social media
  • Scroll through files in the Previewer with the flick of a finger on touch displays
  • Quickly access the most-used file management tools with the new Manage Files button
  • Choose new Table view to optimize your display for mouse/keyboard or select Icon view to optimize for touchscreens
  • Pin your favorite folders to the top level in the Files Pane or super picker for easier access
  • Open WinZip Express from the Files Pane for quick zipping and sharing
  • View file details with the new Properties feature
  • Access cameras and phones attached to your computer via folders
  • Easily remove a folder from the Frequent Folders list
  • Choose to always show scrollbars when using WinZip on your desktop
  • Background tools remind you about unused files in various folders and the recycle bin so you can regain space on your system, securely delete them or zip and move them to a cloud service
  • WinZip Express tools support Office 2016
  • Access all your files from your PC, network, Windows HomeGroup and supported cloud services via the Places list
  • Includes WinZip Express for Explorer, Office and Photos built-in, and WinZip Express for Outlook as a free download
  • Maximize display space on devices with auto-hide scroll bars that disappear when not needed
  • Place a file in a zip without leaving a copy on your system with the Move option
  • Easily browse and find files in your zip with new Thumbnails
  • Customize WinZip more easily with redesigned configurable settings
  • Browse all your local, network and cloud files more easily in the Files Pane
  • See the right tools for the task with the dynamic, slide-in Actions pane, which changes to display different features depending on your nchoices
  • Easily change the interface to Manage mode when you want to quickly access file management features, and see details like file type, size and date
  • Use WinZip on any touch-enabled device or computer
  • Use WinZip on new 2-in-1 computers. The display automatically adjusts when you switch between tablet and laptop modes
  • Rotate, Resize and View full-size images directly from within a Zip file
  • Temporarily extract Zip files using the ‘Unzip and Try’ feature and delete any files you do not need
  • Extract to selectable folder location or current folder location
  • Zip only the files you want using Include and Exclude filters
  • Use WinZip’s Explorer View to display image thumbnails for easy browsing
  • Manage which cloud storage, social media and file sharing services employees can access. Enforce AES encryption and password protocols. Turn conversion features on/off as desired.
  • Learn how to configure and deploy WinZip Enterprise to support your organization’s file sharing needs and policies with the Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Open a Virtual Image file the same way you open a Zip file. View the content and extract files to any location. Supports VHD files, including NTFS compressed files, and VMWare files.
  • IT administrators can set protocols to control the movement of information and files based on whether files are defined.


  • NEW! More efficient file compression with duplicate file detection
  • Compress smaller Zipx files faster.
  • Switch between Zip and Zipx file creation with a simple Ribbon toggle.
  • Choose to save as Zip or Zipx when saving files.
  • Drag and Drop ‘Add to Zip’ in WinZip’s Files Pane.
  • Direct Access Technology for faster display and unzipping.
  • Quickly unzip to the folder displayed in the WinZip Files Pane with the click of a button.
  • Convenient prompts simplify unzipping Zip files from Explorer, the WinZip Files Pane, and the WinZip Ribbon or File menu to your choice of folders
  • Open and unzip POSIX TAR files
  • Enjoy up to 50% faster start-up performance
  • Unzip and replace a group of Zip files with their content
  • Create a split Zip file from Explorer for hassle-free sharing of large files
  • Open more files types as a Zip, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, XPS, ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG,WMZ, WSZ, YFS, XPI, XAP, CRX, EPUB, and C4Z
  • Use the super picker to unzip locally or to the cloud
  • Get up to speed quickly with the Interactive Welcome Screen
  • Compress MP3 files by 15 – 20 % on average
  • Zip and unzip files instantly with 64-bit, best-in-class software
  • Open and extract Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA, BZ2, IMG, and all other major compression file formats
  • Open CAB, Zip and Zip 2.0 Methods
  • Convert other major compressed file formats to Zip format
  • Apply ‘Best Compression’ method to maximize efficiency automatically based on file type
  • Reduce JPEG image files by 20 – 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity
  • Compress using BZip2, LZMA, PPMD and Enhanced Deflate methods
  • Compress using Zip 2.0 compatible methods
  • ‘Auto Open’ a zipped Microsoft Office file by simply double-clicking the Zip file icon
  • Employ advanced ‘Unzip and Try’ functionality to review interrelated components contained within a Zip file (such as an HTML page and its associated graphics).

Package & Share

  • NEW! Sign new and existing PDF files
  • ENHANCED! Combine PDF features
  • Combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file to save, zip, or share.
  • Access cloud-based zip files faster with improved Direct Access features.
  • Enjoy expanded cloud services, including OpenStack and SwiftStack regions and credential files, Alibaba, Wasabi, HP, Oracle, Azure, WebDAV, CenturyLink, IONOS and OVH cloud providers.
  • Automate WinZip Express.
  • Share using Windows Charms.
  • Shorten shared URLs.
  • Get a link to My Cloud File.
  • Streamline workflow when sharing via Slack IM.
  • Keep track of which Zip files you have shared via WinZip or ZipShare
  • Manage files shared by WinZip or ZipShare. Open and view, share again or remove shared files
  • Add and access up to 16 accounts for each cloud and IM service
  • Email anyone directly from WinZip by adding contacts from all your supported sources into one Combined Address Book
  • Move selected files to individual zip files for streamlined sharing
  • Share individual files or the entire zip with the Send What feature
  • Share converted files without having to save them first, WinZip creates a temporary file that is automatically deleted after sharing
  • Share to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Scan and share images and documents directly from WinZip
  • Support for flatbed scanners let you create a PDF with multiple images without a document feeder
  • Share photos directly from your camera with Snap and Share
  • WinZip email supports IMAP for Gmail and Outlook (Hotmail)
  • WinZip email supports Gmail’s two-step authentication process
  • Simply click to share links from the cloud by email, IM, social media and the Clipboard
  • Select recipients by name as well as by email address in the Combined Address Book
  • Share zipped files via instant messaging services, including Office 365 Groups, Twitter, Google Talk/Google+ Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber
  • Choose a file from your computer, cloud service or a zip, then choose to share by email, social media or IM, and WinZip does the rest with SmartShare
  • Easily share links by Skype and other services with automatic links that are available to paste from the Clipboard
  • Share an unzipped image directly from the File Viewer to social media sites
  • Use direct access to cloud services, including Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, CloudMe, SugarSync and now MediaFire to open zip files saved in the cloud, zip files before you upload or select files from the cloud to zip and share
  • Access and manage files in the cloud easily with streamlined cloud navigation, and new options to download, share, move, rename, unzip and delete files or folders.
  • Send links to your cloud files by email, instant messaging and social media with Cloud Links
  • Directly access the new ZipShare file sharing services from WinZip to connect to your cloud accounts and easily share compressed files by email and social media
  • Convert documents to PDF, including read-only PDFs, using WinZip’s built in PDF conversion tool
  • Convert images to more convenient sharing sizes automatically when adding them to a Zip file so your high-resolution photos send faster and fit standard computer screens*
  • Add custom watermarks to images and PDFs to deter unauthorized copying, add traceability and protect intellectual property. Adjust the transparency and add date/time stamping if desired.
  • Zip and email files using the most popular email and webmail systems (WinZip comes configured to work with Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail) or configure WinZip to support additional email services beyond the preset selections
  • Create self-extracting archives (.exe files) to send to people that may not own WinZip using the built-in ‘Self-Extractor Personal Edition’
  • Automatically zip and encrypt email attachments with Courier. Send very large files via connected cloud services.
  • Zip and upload files to a company-provided SharePoint site. Select and download files previously uploaded to SharePoint directly from WinZip. Create a Zip and Share drop-down menu in the SharePoint web interface.

Backup & Automate

  • NEW! Automatically save cloud files
  • Specify the Job Name Last.
  • Create new jobs from existing jobs.
  • Cloud service added.
  • Use the Job Wizard to easily backup personal files in a Windows Protected Environment (WIP) without having to manually suppress work files.
  • Make sure your computer is secure by having WinZip shut it down after running an automatic backup
  • Use the Job Wizard Super Picker to combine files from your computer, network and cloud services in a single backup. Save the resulting Zip to the cloud.
  • Now you can drag and drop files from Explorer or the WinZip Files Pane into the job wizard
  • Skip steps when defaults and settings do not require changes with automatic backup creation and editing
  • Backup your documents, email, desktop, favorites, pictures, libraries, etc. with just a click, using one of the predefined backups on the ‘Backup’ tab
  • Create custom backups for selected files or folders or define custom WinZip jobs to automate routine zipping tasks
  • Backup photos directly from your digital camera
  • Burn backups directly to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc (automatically split them over multiple discs if necessary)
  • Email backups automatically from virtually any of your email addresses or upload backups to an off-site server using WinZip’s internal FTP client
  • Backup to any connected cloud account, desktop folder or between cloud accounts
  • Send notifications by social media and instant messaging when automated jobs have completed using the updated Job Wizard
  • Use the ‘WinZip Command Line Support Add-On’ for scripting (free add-on)

Built for Microsoft Windows

Seamlessly integrated with native experience

OS Compatibility

32-bit and 64-bit versions of:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Minimum Processor

1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor

Minimum Memory

1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit


235 MB

Additional Specs

  • .NET version 4.6
  • Minimum web browser version: Microsoft Edge
  • Minimum graphics hardware/software: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Minimum display Resolution: 800 x 600

Additional information

Compatible with