Zyxel Multy X Tri-Band WiFi System WSQ50 – AC3000

Now featuring daisy-chain capability for additional WiFi coverage, enhanced parental controls to fine-tune your kid’s online experience, and more speed test options allowing you to check your Internet performance; find out why many reviewers awarded us with recommendations!


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Home + WiFi = Multy

Suffering from poor wireless connectivity at home with your old router? Zyxel Multy X Tri-Band WiFi System eliminates the frustration by providing a powerful wireless network with wider coverage and stronger signal strength.

WiFi Without Boundaries

More complete coverage—to all size homes

Whether your home is large or small, Multy provides more wireless coverage—for better connections.

Exceptional WiFi coverage in all corners of your home

Traditional wireless range extenders may give you extra coverage—but often sacrifice up to half of your wireless performance. The Multy WiFi system can cover up to 7,500 square feet (696 m2), enabling expansive wireless coverage without compromising performance.

Multy X

Provides 100%, full-strength WiFi—without degradation

Traditional WiFi Extenders

Often shows speed degradation the farther you extend

More Coverage. More Speed.

Multy provides one of the best wireless networking experiences—in both speed and coverage. Powered with a Tri-Band wireless system, Multy delivers maximum wireless speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection (between nodes), and broadcasts with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi network.

Easy to Use

Multy app provides visual setup guide and ensuring that you get connected without the complications of knowing technical network information and opening a browser.

Easy Installation

Multy app provides visual setup guide and ensuring that you get connected without the complications of knowing technical network information and opening a browser.

Speed Test

Test Internet speed connection for your mobile device. Ensure that you're connected to the Internet with the best WiFi speed available. Our mobile app, makes it simple to allow you to test your Internet speed on your Multy X WiFi system.

Parental Control

Set Internet limitation for your child with the built-in parental control. Ensure that your child are following their productivity and sleep schedule without constantly monitoring them. Support selection of 15-minute intervals in schedule settings and timer based with device blocking. Fine tune the amount of time that you wish your children's device connection.


Diagnose network issues without a technician, the Multy app allows you to check your Multy's WiFi signal from your mobile phone. Test the speed between each Multy node and to the Internet to ensure maximum performance.

Remote Control

Keep your home network up and running, even while you're away from home. Manage multiple Multy systems in different remote locations through your phone whenever/wherever you are. Perform Internet speed test. Turn on guest WiFi networks for your guests if you're not home.

Automatic Updates

Multy X WiFi system automatically grabs updates itself to provide improved performance and reliability, so that you don't need to constantly worry about your WiFi network degrading as time goes by.


Stay up-to-date with your Multy's push notification. Receive the latest information on new device connection and firmware updates that provide the latest performance and stability enhancement. View speed test results once the test has concluded. Get all of these information right from your notification bar!

White & Stylish

Multy’s all-white design reflects simplicity and purity—the perfect complement to any home décor. Yet its value goes far beyond its clean design. It also provides excellent WiFi networking that’s essential for today’s modern lifestyle—the external beauty only enhances the experience.

Modern design.  Maximum cooling.

Multy’s advanced design features integrated ventilation—letting heat escape continuously and enabling optimal performance without throttling performance. You’ll enjoy consistently faster networking speeds, without extra heat.


Multy- Simplifying installation without the network complexity.

Multy- Magnifying your home network coverage.

Multy- Multiplying joy within the home.

Get the full Internet speed you deserve

Powered with a Tri-Band wireless system, Multy can deliver maximum wireless speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection between Multy nodes. This creates a single, powerful wireless network that not only delivers better coverage, but also a fast wireless connection.


Extend your WiFi Coverage further with Daisy-Chaining

Daisy-chaining allowing Multy nodes to connect to other Multy nodes to increase the Multy system's range. This enhancement is excellent for users' with homes that have long stretch of spaces that require WiFi coverage.


Automatically finds the fastest path

No matter where you are in the home, Multy automatically finds and connects to the closest Multy node—delivering the fastest wireless connection and the strongest signal connection, for better reliability.

Unified WiFi name and password

Multy creates a single wireless network name and password, allowing you to roam, work and play freely throughout your home. Leaving one room? No problem. No need to input the name and password for another extender—Multy lets you roam, and stay connected with ease.



Say "hello" to Amazon Alexa support

Use your voice to control Multy's network in English or German with Alexa!



Hardware Specifications

CPU: Qualcomm IPQ4019 Quad-core

Memory: 512MB RAM

Flash: 4GB eMMC

WAN: One 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 port with auto MDI/MDIX support

LAN: Three 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports with auto MDI/MDIX support

Antenna: 9 Internal Antennas

USB port: 1 USB 2.0 port

Bluetooth: BLE 4.1

LED indicator: Status indication/ Auto-dimming

Button: Reset

Power: 12VDC, 3A

Power consumption: 25 watt

System Specifications

Speed Rating (per unit)
  • AC3000
Number of Bands
  • Tri-band
  • Up to 7500 sq. ft./696 m2
Wireless Standard
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz - 256QAM support
  • IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac 5 GHz (Wave 2) - 256QAM support
Wireless Transfer Rate (Transmit & Receive)
  • 1733Mbps* for 5 GHz (dedicated backhaul)
  • 866Mbps* for 5 GHz
  • 400Mbps* for 2.4 GHz
WiFi Features
  • Daisy Chain
  • Bridge Mode
  • Beamforming
  • Auto path selection
  • Single WiFi NameAP Steering
  • Band Steering
  • Optional to separate 2.4G and 5G WiFi network


Ease of Use
  • Mobile App Support iOS 9 or later and Android 5.0 or later
  • Registration setup via social media or myZyxelCloud login
  • Quick Bluetooth setup
  • Find the best installation locations with a graphical indication
  • Remote control Multy WiFi system
  • Multy WiFi system on-line/off-line status check
  • Automatic firmware check for new features
  • Diagnose network health via speed test
  • WiFi signal diagnose between mobile device to Multy
  • Internet access control
    • Device grouping: Organize multiple devices into a group
    • Block or allow specific group based on a time schedule
    • Flexible override internet access for a specific device group
    • Support selection of 15-minute intervals in schedule settings
  • Guest WiFi setting
  • Push Notification
    • New Device Connected
    • New firmware available
    • Speed test result
  • Speed test
    • Mobile device to an Internet
  • Support language

Physical Specifications

  • Item dimensions (WxDxH): 236 x 178 x 51.5 mm (9.29”x 7.01”x 2.03”)
  • Item weight: 890 g (1.96 lb.)
  • Packing dimensions (WxDxH): 339 x 71 x 215 mm (13.35”x 2.8”x 8.46”)
  • Packing weight: 1790 g (3.95 lb.)

Software, Security, Support

Software & Security
  • Firewall security (NAT)
  • IPv6 compatible
  • DMZ
  • Port Forwarding
  • UPnP
  • QoS
  • Network monitoring & diagnosis
  • Auto firmware update
  • Parental control

Environmental Specifications

Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 0°C to 40°C/32°F to 104°F
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Environment
  • Temperature: -30°C to 70°C/-22°F to 158°F
  • Humidity: 10% to 95% (Non-condensing)