Learning goes digital

Powered by Wacom

The way the world learns is being transformed by digital technology.

Wacom solutions help educational organizations of all kinds drive the change.

Transform Education

Educational institutions are investing in modernizing the learning experience for their students. That means moving away from one-way, one-dimensional lectures, towards collaborative learning that thrives on interaction.

How Wacom helps

Wacom solutions for education are empowering them to do so by increasing the interactivity of lessons with the addition of digital handwritten notes and drawings to presentations. They also enable the construction of compact digital lecterns featuring easy-to-use pen-enabled devices that can be connected to projectors and web applications for interactive in-person or distance learning.

Education Use Cases

Interactive Classrooms

Powered by Wacom

Digitization is changing the way students learn forever.

Wacom technologies are at the forefront of this educational revolution.

Modernize the learning experience


Technology is transforming day-to-day teaching with digital tools that make learning more interactive, collaborative, effective and fun. Wacom solutions for education are driving this revolution by:


  • Empowering teachers and students to communicate visually, share new ideas and concepts in real-time.
  • Allowing collaboration through handwritten drawings, diagrams, annotations and notes – even while using computers and mobile devices.
  • Providing digital options for a wide range of educational settings including; presenting in a traditional classroom; conducting a remote learning or tutoring session; or having students work on a group project.
  • Providing the most familiar, accurate and reliable digital pen and paper experience.