Financial Services

Big financial decisions

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Financial Services providers use Wacom solutions to help secure legally-binding agreements from customers for everything from account opening, to credit agreements.

Supporting significant commitments

Modern banks, insurance firms and other financial service providers need to put customers at ease when making important commitments such as mortgages, credit agreements, and loans.


But they also need to streamline their processes and eliminate paper-based workflows to accelerate revenue generation and minimize customer wait times, while ensuring signature authenticity.

How Wacom helps

Wacom solutions for financial services enable financial service providers to achieve these objectives in a number of ways. Firstly, document management becomes faster and more efficient through the instant digitization of forms, which also reduces paper waste and the costs of managing it.


Secondly, Wacom digital pen and ink technologies ensure a familiar handwritten signing and form-processing experience for financial services professionals and their customers. And the experience is improved thanks to the elimination of clumsy keyboard and mouse inputs that interrupt in-person interactions.

Financial Services Use Cases

Account Opening

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Today’s customers expect a quick, easy account opening or sign up experience.

Wacom solutions help financial service providers deliver it.

Enable efficient branch modernization


Financial services providers want to streamline their processes. But they also want to retain the human touch that customers value when making important financial decisions in person. Wacom solutions enable this by:


  • Accurately replicating traditional pen and paper signatures, with the added benefit of a completely digital process.
  • Saving time and paper costs by eliminating the need to print, scan, and retrieve paper.
  • Freeing staff to engage more directly with customers during the transaction.


Powered by Wacom

Signatures are still the most familiar way to make big financial commitments – but they need to be secure.

Wacom solutions can help.

Prevent signature-fraud in real time


Banks need to ensure customer agreements are legally binding. So, how do you make sure an imposter isn’t forging a customer’s signature? Or that a customer isn’t trying to disguise their signature to contest its authenticity later?


The answer is automated signature verification, provided by Wacom Ink SDK for verification, which:

  •  Compares handwritten eSignatures with known, genuine samples in real time.
  • Provides an immediate acceptance or rejection notification.
  • Is the most accurate, secure and cost-effective solution available.
  • Does not store any signature data, eliminating compliance concerns.

Loan Origination

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In a digital world, customers expect to secure credit quickly.

Wacom solutions accelerate the contracting process.

Simplify the processing of complex financial agreements


For a more immersive and intuitive employee and customer experience when completing complex forms, Wacom solutions for financial services enable:


  • Digital writing, annotating, marking up, and highlighting of loan applications or agreements using the pen directly on the screen, as on paper.
  • Collaborative completion of forms or documents between employees and customers, including the signing ceremony. 
  • A streamlined, digital approval process with no paper required.

Pre-insurance documents

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Insurance is a complex business, but customers want simplicity.

Wacom solutions help make the process of securing coverage easier and more comfortable.

Streamline the insurance on-boarding process


Technology should never get in the way of important in-person interactions such as arranging insurance coverage. Wacom solutions for insurance providers avoid this by:


  • Empowering agents to share policy information with the customer on their computer screen and guide the customer through the application, approval, or claims process. 
  • Providing an electronic signature box, displayed on a Wacom signature pad or pen display, to allow the customer to sign amendments or requested changes to coverage directly on the screen, just as they would on paper. 
  • Enabling familiar yet digitally efficient interactions that maximize customer satisfaction.

Insurance Contracting

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Speed is of the essence when it comes to processing insurance claims and managing settlements.

Wacom solutions help accelerate the process.

Accelerate claims and settlement management


When signatures are required for payment of insurance claims or settlements, Wacom solutions for financial services enable providers to:


  • Replace slow and time-consuming processing of paper documents.
  • Enable efficient form completion at counters and desks in offices, as well as in the field. 
  • Provide a more immersive and intuitive experience when completing digital forms, by completing and approving them using a digital pen directly on the screen. 
  • Allow policyholders to view the full document that they can annotate and sign using digital in