Hospitality / Tourism

Get to the fun faster

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Organizations in hospitality and tourism use Wacom solutions to optimize the customer experience in a range of situations, from hotel check-in to rental car pick-up.

Guaranteeing a good time

Hospitality and tourism organizations are defined by the quality of their customer service. It’s about exceeding expectations, not just meeting them. Only then will visitors spread the word about their experience and become an extra, free salesforce.

How Wacom helps

Wacom solutions for hospitality and tourism help providers delight customers from the moment they arrive at a destination or location. Wacom electronic signature solutions accelerate the reservation, sign-in, or contract completion process in a wide range of environments, from hotel lobbies to rental car outlets with a familiar and consistently accurate signing experience. The sign-in process is further enhanced through the use of attractive, easy-to-use signature pads and beautifully rendered electronic signatures.


Finally, Wacom solutions also reduce the time, effort and cost of managing manual paper document workflows.

Hospitality & Tourism Use Cases

Guest Registration

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Arriving at a venue should be a familiar, stress-free experience. Wacom solutions help ensure guests can focus on the experience they came for.

Simplify the check-in experience

Helping guests spend less time on paperwork and more time enjoying services is critical for customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Wacom solutions for hospitality and tourism help by:

  • Accelerating the check-in and check-out process for guests.
  • Streamlining the hotel’s back end processes with digitization and storage of customer signatures.
  • Replacing paper forms with clear, attractive digital equivalents displayed on sleek Wacom pen-enabled devices.
  • Retaining the reassuringly familiar sign-in experience that many guests prefer, without the slow and wasteful use of paper.
  • Enabling immediate cross and up-selling through the display of additional services and special offers on color screens when not in signing mode.

Rental Car Pick-up

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All customers want to do when they pick up a car is get on the road.

Wacom solutions help rental car companies accelerate customer throughput.

Get customers on the road faster


Rental car companies need to get customers on the road in less time while minimizing real estate space. They also need to automate as much of the rental management process as possible. Wacom solutions for tourism and hospitality help by:

  • Enabling the replacement of outdated dot matrix contract forms with electronic signature pads and pen displays.
  • Preserving the familiar signing experience for customers while reliably digitizing rental forms and signatures.
  • Accelerating vehicle pick-up and drop-off for customers with an efficient digital workflow.
  • Freeing up staff to focus on up-selling rather than managing paper, supported by color screen digital devices that can display promotions when not in signing mode.